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at The Exploratorium

at The Exploratorium

Perfect water fountain. (at The Exploratorium)

#wcw goes to @alexandriavm! I had a dream last night that I killed myself in front of her and then a separate dream where she broke up with me. And then she came in with this for me and it made up for my terrible wake-up.

Just chillin’.

Comet was the Intel astronaut’s form of transportation for a bit earlier. (at iXsystems, Inc.)

Comet the not-all-there-puppy loves his car rides.

Comet the not-all-there-puppy loves his car rides.

And then there’s Shawn.

Best lunch reply.

Sun and heat and beer and me don’t mix. (at Alameda County Fair)

Stretched ears and America. (at Plaza De Cesar Chavez)

I’m getting fucking ripped at the gym, bro. This is totally me and not @thisworkstoo even though I tagged him. (at 24 Hour Fitness - East Arques, CA)

I’ve never met a drooling cat until I met Sasha. Your lap gets soaked when she sits on you. That’s what she said.